Sheik Attia Omara

Born and raised in Egypt, Sh. Attia began his Islamic education at a very young age and in the preeminent Al-Azhar University in Cairo. There, he completed his elementary, middle and high school stages followed by a Bachelor in Islamic Studies with a specialization in Tafseer, Usul-al-Fiqh and Aqeedah. In Egypt, he also received several Ijazahs in Qiraat, hadith and Tazkiyah from renowned scholars.

Following his education in Egypt, Sh. Attia pursued further studies from distinguished institutions such as the University of Toronto (Canada) and Cambridge University (United Kingdom). There, he obtained certifications and advanced training on teaching foreign languages and Islamic Studies and developing academic curricula that are demographically and socio-culturally adaptive to the needs of local communities. In 2017, Sh. Attia obtained a Masters of Education from Texas State University with dual focus on fostering community literacy and foreign language teaching.

Currently, Sh. Attia is a graduate student at UT Austin in Islamic Studies with a specialization in Quranic studies and spiritual identity.

Connect with Sh. Attia by emailing him at Imam dot Attia at iclaketravis dot org


Sheikh Attia has led several interfaith efforts and now works closely with Multi-faith Neighbors Network

Mufti Umer & Sh. Attia

International PresenceĀ 

Sheikh Attia Omara with US Ambassador to Uzbekistan