Regular Prayers

Daily five prayers are one of the pillars of Islam. ICLT host regular communal prayers. Our Jummah Khuthbah (sermon) starts at 1.30p.m. with Jamath after 1.50p.m.

In general, ICLT hosts Eid prayers with Austin Muslim Unity. During Covid, Eid prayers were performed onsite to help with social distancing.

Sunday School

ICLT Sunday School Offers quality Islamic education for students from 6 years to 14 years old. Our vision is to develop children's love for learning and practicing Islam, so they can be confident in in their identy as American Muslims and become exemplary role models in any society. For more information, please send email to 

Volunteer Opportunities

ICLT has regular needs for volunteers to help in various activities. We support several organizations including food distribution.

Community and Youth Programs

Our community is the foundation for ICLT. We have regular community potlucks, of course, iftar gatherings during Ramadan and several youth programs.

Interfaith Programs